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  3. At school. BORED.:/

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  4. Memorial Day


    It’s not just another day you get off work/school just so you can cook out. In my opinion it’s a day to remember the ones we lost fighting for our freedom. I can’t explain how much respect I have for our service men and women and what they do. So before you eat that burger this upcoming PLEASE take the time to remember our service men and women.

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  5. Anonymous said: sweet blog, now go play tumblrtreats(.)com and post your high score

    No, thanks.

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  6. Anonymous said: Are you ever going to finish "You've Got That Smile"? Cause i really like it!

    Of course! I’ve just been stressed out alot lately and wanted to take a break… but im back! :)

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  7. mileysarahmady said: when are you gunna post?????

    Hopefully soon :)

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  8. Anonymous said: Do you live in New Jersey?

    No… I wish :) Ha. I live in Texas

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